1911 Compact to ACT-MAG 8-Round, X-Grip Mag Adapter

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Product Description

Adapts the  full-size ACT-MAG 1911 .45 ACP, 8-round Mag with plastic floorplate to fit the 1911 Compact Officers pistol.
The X-Grip for the Compact 1911 Officers model lengthens the grip area to give you a more effective grip, plus it increases the round capacity by adapting the ACT-MAG 1911 .45 ACP, 8-round mag, to be used in the Compact 1911 Officers model. Easy to install with no tools required… Simply slide it over the top of a longer magazine to fill in the gap where the magazine sticks out of the frame. Enhances the look as well as your grip and works great for conceal and carry use. Made of durable elasticized polymer, which is soft to the touch.